TEDxFloridaTech Speakers & Performers

Jared Campbell

Jared Campbell is an Instructional Technologist at the Florida Institute of Technology responsible for motivating faculty, staff, and students to learn a plethora of hardware and software titles. He received his Science Education degree from the University of Central Florida and is currently completing a graduate program in Computer Information Systems at Florida Tech. He has been an award-winning instructor of science and technology since 2001. While teaching at the secondary level, he achieved the prestigious National Board Certification, Teacher of the Year, Exemplary Science Teacher, and even participated in the Zero-G weightless flights of discovery. His years of teaching chemistry, science research, and technology give him  a unique perspective on how to use technology to maximize learning and productivity.  In the real world, he performs wacky original music in Oranga Tanga.



Jerry Ross

Jerry Ross

Jerry is a life-long entrepreneur and a nationally-recognized commentator on small business, entrepreneurship, and economic development. His corporate experience includes AT&T, Ohio Bell, and Goal Systems Software, while his successful entrepreneurial ventures range from publishing to entertainment lighting.  He currently serves as the President of the National Entrepreneur Center in Orlando, Florida which assists thousands of entrepreneurs each year.



Karl Seiler

Karl Seiler started as a trouble-shooter in the Firing Room for the first Space Shuttle launch. A self-taught programmer he designed software systems to control 15 nuclear power plants after the 3 Mile Island incident. His first startup, LEVEL5, was the leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for over 15 years. For Information Builders NY, Seiler launched the first commercial machine learning system protecting enterprise data resources. His VC-backed startup ScorecardUSA Orlando, provided online sports performance stats tracking for 120 different amateur sports. Starting in 2002, Seiler joined the leading digital navigation map company, NAVTEQ, launching systems for Microsoft Bing local search. NAVTEQ IPO'd and was later acquired by NOKIA. Returning to Florida, Seiler recently helped Modus Operandi launch a commercial Big Data analytics product line. Seiler now helps startups to Fortune 500 companies pivot-to-improvement by applying intelligent Internet-of-Things technologies at the point of greatest leverage.